Life change happens in our city every week because people like you live generous lives and entrust us with resources that make an impact. Imagine what could happen if we all jump in and do our part! Our city would look like a different place.

Generosity encompasses more than just financial contributions. The way we use our time, energy, and abilities all demonstrate a generous life. It’s living out your faith on more days than Sunday.

The FOR Fund is specifically designed to meet two needs in our community. To engage and equip the next generation and to impact the lives of the marginalized in our community.


We’ve seen first hand the impact of your generosity. It enables us to create environments where people can follow Jesus and impact our city. we see it as we serve along side our community partners, like Piney Grove Elementary School and FOR Students. We see it as kids learn about God in fund and engaging environments. We see it as students make decisions to follow Jesus at Beach Camp.  

Take a look at the incredible things happening because you choose generosity.

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